Coastal • American • Eatery

CōV invites you in with exceptional hospitality combining sea-side casual with upscale polish. You will be transported into a coastal atmosphere that is reminiscent of summers on the water. Conceived by Dean Vlahos, the CōV restaurants feature well-traveled hardwood floors, coastal blues and whites, vintage lanterns, exposed beams and lazy ceiling fans which immediately invite you to unwind, relax and enjoy your stay. The open kitchen exhibits the culinary staff expertly creating and plating their unique spin on classic American cuisine as well as regional specialties. As the friendly staff attends to your needs, your senses will come alive with the subtle aromas of rotisserie, seafood and items off the grille. The lively sounds of clinking glasses, conversation and background music create the perfect ambiance to enjoy your chosen company as well as any of our diverse menu items.

Simply stated: CōV, is a timeless, yet contemporary oasis in an otherwise busy world. We hope you’ll be joining us soon!